An Introduction to Real Estate Sector Strategy

Course Objectives

  • Understand the real estate sector, its characteristics and its importance to the general economy.
  • This course will help anyone supporting or moving into the sector with the knowledge and tools to communicate effectively with real estate professionals.
  • By the end of the course participants will have gained key skills in Real Estate Investment strategy and Analytics. They will also become familiar with the structure, general terminology and overall needs of Real Estate.

Who Should Attend? 

  • Professionals outside the field (e.g. Lawyers, Lenders, Recruitment Professionals, Public Servants etc.) who regularly work with property companies
  • Customer Service Employees who interacts with Real Estate Firms
  • Junior employees in the HR department of Real Estate Firms
  • Professionals in other sector interested in changing their career path to the Real Estate sector
  • Recent non-cognate Graduates interested in entering the field of Real Estate

Course Content

  • Real Estate or Property?
  • What is Real Estate

           ✓ Physical characteristics

           ✓ Investment characteristics

  • Why buy Real Estate?
  • How big is the Real Estate market?

           ✓ Total size and size of various sub sectors

  • Key Real Estate Market Locations, Sale Prices and Rents
  • The Property Market system

           ✓ The Occupier market

           ✓ The Investment market

           ✓ The Property Development market

           ✓ The Land market

           ✓ How the four markets interact and make money

  • How to calculate Sale Price and Real Estate Returns
  • How to read a Real Estate market report
  • How many famous properties do you know?

           ✓ How much did they cost to build?

          ✓ Who occupies these buildings?

          ✓ Are they good value for money?

  • Who works in Real Estate and what do they do?
  • Typical Real Estate CVs

            ✓ Education and Experience

           ✓ Professional bodies and accreditations

           ✓ Typical career paths

  • Real Estate Professionals and the Real Estate Lifecycle

           ✓ The Investment life cycle

          ✓ The Development life cycle

  • Real Estate Companies

          ✓ Types of property company

         ✓ Organisational structure

         ✓ Typical wages and employment benefits

         ✓ Accessibility, CSR and Diversity

         ✓ Related industries

  • Real Estate Networks
  • The future of Real Estate

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